11/11 in Auxonne

Today is Armistice Day and here in the military town of Auxonne the commemorations began with Mass in the Eglise Notre Dame.  After, the local servicemen and women gathered outside the church in front of Napoleon’s statue to witness new recruits passing out and seasoned personnel receiving promotions and being presented with medals.  A procession of various military and Pompier vehicles through the town ended at the memorial garden where a minute’s silence was observed.

In our group of barge owners, Ian wore his Naval medals with pride and Glen was adorned with his Father’s WWII campaign medals.

After, we were all invited to join the Mayor for a drink in the Mairie.


We were made to feel welcome and there was a funny exchange when the Mayor was asked his name and he answered it was L’anglois or in English, L’anglais.  Really, his surname was English!

It was a lovely morning and a privilege to join the local military, emergency services and residents in remembering those who fought and those who fell for freedom.


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