Carcassonne to Homps

While I was in the UK on business Frank enjoyed a peaceful few days, just him and the boys. It sounds like it wasn’t too onerous – meeting neighbours and frequenting The Celt, a very nice Irish bar in the Bastide, just off Le Place de Carnot, and taking the dogs for swims in the Aude.

The evening I arrived back we went to The Celt for a bite to eat and a couple of beers then wandered back through the streets where it seemed as through every bar and restaurant had live music, as this was the evening of the Fete de la Musique and we were very lucky to catch a set by Violinist Lisa Yang.


Down the main avenue, Rue Georges Clemenceau, from the port to Le Place de Carnot they have strung colourful umbrellas all the way down, to provide much needed shade for the shoppers. It is a wonderful sight and makes you look up to expect Mary Poppins descending at any moment!

Brollys in Carcassonne

It is a shame that the port isn’t more secure for boats. We’d heard enough stories about people getting on boats – even when the owners were on board – and it just made us feel it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay for any length of time.

With this in mind, we decided to make Carcassonne our limit on the Midi and head back towards Homps. We had a really lovely couple of days, with the most helpful of eclusiers at each lock. It makes a huge difference to your day when the lock keepers are friendly and helpful.

Once back in Homps we decided to eat at the Les Tonneliers, Restaurant de Vignerons. It was superb. Probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had, anywhere! It was pricey enough but worth every single cent.

Today someone turned the heat up and it is blistering hot. Even sitting under the canopy you can feel the burn of the sun through the material and the strong breeze feels like we are sitting in front of a hairdryer!! Ah well, time for a cold glass of wine.

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