So, we have begun to explore the region around Pont-de-Vaux and are, so far, pleasantly surprised and pleased with what we have found.  A short drive from the marina brings us to the Saône and a perfect dog walk that is on good ground but forbidden to traffic, so they can have a wonderful time without us humans interfering with concerns about them being run over!

We also drove up into the vineyards on the hills above us, home to some of the Mâconnais wines produced here.  As we climbed up the winding road to the top we couldn’t help but notice the snow capped mountain semi translucent in the clouds to the East.


When we reached the top we were surrounded by vineyards and the farmer was there tending his crop.  Frank approached him, explained he spoke French un peu and asked about the mountain on the horizon.  Mont Blanc came the reply and he went on to explain, in excellent English, that the vineyards had been in his family for generations.


We marvelled at his wonderful workplace and went for an explore into the forests above the vineyards until the passageway became too narrow and we had to turn back.


We’re looking forward to spending a few months here and getting to experience some of the local bevvies and discover the historic tales of this region.

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