La Grande Saône

We managed to reach Chalon sur Saône last night, after another long day with a couple of stoppages at locks.  Again, it was a beautiful sunny day so a real pleasure travelling through this part of the country.

There’s no doubt that the Canal du Centre is one of the most picturesque canals on the system and we have enjoyed our journey this time every bit as much as the other 2 times we’ve done it.


There are several 5+ meter deep locks on the descent to the Saône and they are made dead easy by the sliding, floating bollards that you attach a centre line to.  The final lock into the Saône is almost 11meters deep and quite a void to be in when you reach the bottom.

When the gate finally opens to the Saône it is quite a feeling!

The sun was low as we made the short distance from the cut leading to the Canal du Centre and Chalon, making a beautiful evening but severely affecting visibility!  Who knew we would be heading West in this section of the Saône??!!


We got to Chalon at about 6.30 and after walking the dogs and a freshen up we headed out to the Taj Mahal for a proper ruby!!  It was sooooo good!

We had a couple of celebratory bevvies (of course) before turning in for the night – totally knackered!!


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