Paray Le Monial

What a lovely stop Paray is.  It is the City of the Sacred Heart and bus loads of pilgrims and school children descend daily to learn history and pay homage to their faith.  We went to our favourite restaurant to eat well and pay the bill!!

The port plaisance is brilliantly placed near the centre of the town and next to a lovely park full of many different varieties of trees. A small river runs through the park and the boys made the most of every swimming opportunity that came their way.
On Sunday we eagerly strode to the Brocante, only to find a proper flea market with nothing but toot on offer.  We made our way back through the town and collected a freshly baked baguette to accompany our “English” brunch.  Everything on the plate was French but I did my best to make it a proper fry up!!
It’s Monday 10th September and having left our berth we felt the need to touch history before leaving Paray behind us – so we clattered the first bridge with our mast that we’d forgotten to lower before leaving port.  So close to our final destination without incident and we do that!  Of course, I say it’s the responsibility of the captain to make sure his ship is ready to sail, and he lays the blame squarely at the foot of his crew, who should ensure everything is in order or immediately report concerns to the bridge.  Anyway, the damage is small and easily fixable so Anglo/Irish relations quickly got back to  normal.
This evening finds us in Pierrefitte sur Loire just 2 locks and 6kms from Diou.  The weather has improved from 25c to 32c so we took the dogs to the swimming lake right behind the port.  We all enjoyed a swim and we’re now sitting here in the shade of the wheelhouse feeling both excited and apprehensive about the end of our journey.  We are looking forward to being back at the house but sad our summer adventure is over.
Tomorrow we’ll let you know when we get there x

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