Quick update

We ended up pushing on to Chaumont and stayed one night.  The local drug dealers set up camp next to our boat at 1am and didn’t leave until 4am so instead the 3-day stop we’d intended, we left the next day and moved on to Foulain.  What a difference!  A pontoon to ourselves next to a great big grassy area far enough away from the road to give the boys their freedom.  It was pitch black at night with no street lights at all – and you could’ve heard a pin drop, it was that quiet.  Much more our style.  We woke this morning feeling fresh and rested.

So, we’ve heard about the storms and flooding across France and want to report  that we’ve had a couple of storms and heavy downpours of rain but nothing that has caused us any problem.

We’re aiming for Rolamont today, but who knows where we’ll end up.

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