Where have we been!!??

Not too far really. Having arrived in Sillery we decided it was the perfect spot to visit the vineyards and villages of Grand Cru champagne and to sample some of their offerings.

Nick and Fiona landed as planned with Amelia and Harvey (chocolate Lab). We had a fabulous couple of days and enjoyed many of the sights, smells and tastes of champagne between Sillery and Epernay. They got to visit the house of Laurent-Perrier, their favourite champagne, and took away a couple of souvenirs (we were lucky enough to help them drink one……very nice!).

We also stopped at Le Phare, an old lighthouse perched between Verzenay and Verzy overlooking the vineyards of some of the most famous champagnes. It would have been rude not to, so we purchased a bottle of fine champagne and sat in the comfortable gardens to while away a very present hour.

20180724 13 - Le Phare

We had a lovely walk with the dogs in the ancient forest above Verzy, which contains these strange, twisted dwarf trees that are beautiful and intriguing.

20180724 07 - Verzay Forest

We also fixed an air leak on our dinghy and gave our new Tohatsu engine a run out (or run in to be perecise!).

I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all and the boat felt empty when they left us on Wednesday. We didn’t hang about and after purchasing a few essentials we moved on to Condé sur Marne for one night, then pushed on to Chalon en Champagne, where we will stay for a few days.  We’ve managed to arrive on a festival weekend so there are all sorts of concerts, pop-up bars and activities going on so it should be good fun.

It’s nice, because we have caught up with a Dutch couple we met in Reims, Haans and Erica, on their boat M.S.Joop, with their rescue dog Dhana (I think that’s how you spell it).  She is very nervous but beginning to enjoy tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber’s company (Bosun and Brody, not us!).

Also, the last time we came to Chalon en Champagne was with our good friends Colin and Carol.  We happen to be moored next to a boat and we met “Colin and Carol” who own her.  We did get a text from the real C&C to say “Don’t trust them, they’re imposters!”.

Anyway, for now we are heading off to the concert nearest to us in the Jard Anglais.  With hip flasks filled and a blanket under arm, we should be good for a few hours.

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